At the start of this year’s college basketball season I said, if UNC doesn’t win games by 30 or more it doesn’t count as a win. Well the team with too much talent for their own good went on to lose not one but actually four games this regular season. At the start of the season I was fearful they would cut down the nets with ease. Now with Ty Lawson’s injury perhaps ruining everyone’s brackets and the idea that a team of 3-4 NBA draft picks is capable of a losing four regular season games when you only need to lose one in the post season to be out, I am laying in the weeds in wait. Perfect scenario; LSU beats them in the second round on a last second three pointer and Hansbrough cries at center court like Adam Morrison did a few years back.


I can’t wait for the tears, because its going to happen. And your NBA career will be nothing. You hear me? Nothing!

Okay and we’re back. 

For lack of a better phrase Chapman beat the piss out of Colorado State last night 15-5, 10-2 at half time. 


Now I knew Chapman was going to win. I gave them +4 yesterday. But I didn’t think this was going to happen.

Everyone on the message boards is asking, is Chapman that good or is CSU that bad.

The simple answer is both.

Chapman has three of the best offensive weapons in the game in Wooden, Clayton, and Martin. They have a phenomenal coach in Wood that has taken this program from average to title contenders in a very small amount of time. They have a supportive school in the club lacrosse sense. They school let’s them play their games in the school’s stadium. They’ve had a challenging schedule to date playing against Michigan and D3 programs Whittier and Ithaca. And they seem to be on a mission to return to the national championship.

I don’t really see any of that in Colorado State right now. Colorado State hasn’t had a house hold name player since 2006 Pete Jokisch and Kellin Bershinsky, maybe you could argue Pat Bird in 2007. Their roster size has gotten smaller in terms of height and weight. No more Tyler Bues and Brian Stones at 6’0 190 and 6’3 215 respectively. Smaller players regardless of their lacrosse talent just aren’t as intimidating. The school field’s aren’t available for whatever reason so they are playing off campus. Their coach has taken a leave of absence so there is a momentary loss of continuity. And with all due respect to the teams they played prior to Chapman the schedule has been soft and they lost to one of those teams, Cal Poly. 

They have lost that intimidation factor ever since Oregon beat them in the regular season in 2007. 

This is a case of two teams going in different directions.

Chapman has one difficult game left at BYU in April.

CSU still has to play BYU away, Michigan away, and Duluth in Ann Arbor.

If CSU loses all three of those games as badly as they did to Chapman, is the tournament committee going to reward them with a bid to the tournament?

Very exciting times await.


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