Practice Review (Too Upset for a video)

Well there is a good news and bad news. Mostly bad.

The good news is practice resumed. It was exciting to see teammates for the first time in a week plus and hear stories of spring break conquests. The good news ends there.

Bad news

  1. I ran out of contacts yesterday. I can’t see without my contacts
  2. Three of four coaches were absent due to illness
  3. I didn’t have my contacts in. I can’t see without my contacts so I was largely ineffective during any drills that involved a small flying ball.
  4. Forty seconds before the final drill ended,  I was preparing to back up a pass which of course our 6’3 attackman caught anyway. As I shifted my weight my cleat caught in the turf and I felt the slightest twinge in my knee. Normally I wear turf shoes on our field turf facility but the practice prior the turf was wet and I slipped several times. Today I wore cleats for only the second time all season at practice. Fate? Destiny?
  5. I finished practice with about 10 minutes of conditioning, was generally mocked by teammates for running so slowly. I wasn’t in mind-bottling pain but it didn’t feel great either. My play is defined by east west dodging to free hands, if I can’t trust my knee…Hopefully this is something we can all look back at and laugh. Otherwise…

Being injured and unable to play lacrosse was one of the top 3 reasons that contributed to my eventual transfer from Wooster. It’s one thing to be on the sideline because you aren’t very good. It’s another to be on the sideline because your body betrayed you.

Fingers are crossed. Doctors appointment pending.


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