Post STP

Does anyone have a Grand Canyon Va Tech score? I thought I saw 7-2 GR but I may be dreaming.

Couple videos from St. Vincent College to relax you on a Sunday. This program used to be a nice option for Pittsburgh kids but when they switched from D2 to D3 and Seton Hill started giving out D2 scholarship money the tides turned.

Doesn’t look like the best field conditions to open a season.

Nothing wrong with playing at Hopkins

Looks like a fun offense to play for. Nice construction work going at SVC. Probably trying to get ready for Steelers training camp.

Practice should resume tomorrow. I ran out of contacts. Should be a good week.


One response to “Post STP

  1. In that first video against Virginia Wesleyan, which I happen to live relatively near, it snowed and sleeted for the 2 days prior to that game and then stayed at a temperature around 29 degrees, freezing the ground. Then on the 4th, it became 70-80 degrees, melting all the water on the ground, making the field a mud pit. Just a quick explanation.

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