Winners Spoils Transfer

Yesterday in an attempt to really wrap my head around just how ugly the A&M uniforms are, I was looking through the CSU A&M pictures  again when I noticed this action shot


John Gaines Junior Baltimore, MD

John Gaines Junior Baltimore, MD

I thought to myself he looks like he might know what he’s doing. So I checked the roster and what did I found but a 6’1 200lb defender from Boy’s Latin, my second favorite high school team.

Then I checked the 2008 roster and he was no where to be found. A transfer player!

I looked for him on facebook to see if he was still a member of his previous network but alas no luck. Not even on facebook.

My next stop was the Washington College Shoremen website. That team might as well be Boys’ Latin 2. Again no luck.

This kid transferred and I want to know where from.

How many NCAA players transfer to MCLA ranks a year? And how many are knowingly considering the MCLA team they are transferring to?

When I applied to transfer from Wooster I looked at two schools, Pitt and Colorado State. One was for instate tuition. The other represented a chance to win a national championship. In the end it will be more rewarding to build something at Pitt then to be part of maintaining a suddenly sagging  tradition at CSU. Although it would have been great to play with two high school teammates again at State. The Philly kids on Pitt’s roster are driving me Joker crazy.

A schooner is a sailboat


by Michael Kenna

by Michael Kenna




Kanas freshman middie Jason Wren passed away Sunday afternoon. Keep him in your thoughts this weekend. We need to take better care of each other when we drink.


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