Toronto, Not that Cold

Enjoy for the time being until the madness returns in full

nice hustle Ovie Wan Kenobi 


  • The only human being dumber than a baseball player is a baseball player’s girlfriend
  • At the end of last night’s USA vs Venezuela baseball game, a parent of a USA baseball player decided to heckle fans that were leaving the game thinking they were actually Venezuela supporters. Turns out they were Canadians and they were dicks. USA mother said, “Buh byeeeeee.” Canadian teenager/college replied, “Bye, enjoy your economic depression.”
  • Chapman beat Ithaca this weekend. I think they are pissed.
  • Can’t spell choke without Ovechkin
  • Princeton is ranked 3rd in the latest Nike/IL poll. I hate polls.

Laxpower MCLA computer rankings, BCS be damned

  1. Michigan
  2. Simon Fraser
  3. Chapman
  4. BYU
  5. Duluth
  6. BC
  7. CSU
  8. FSU
  9. Colorado
  10. Loyola Marymount

   19.   Pitt


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