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Rest in peace, first half of the season

Rest in peace, first half of the season

Our first half of the season is largely over as we have played against 3 division opponents. Seven weeks from now we’ll travel to upstate New York to take on Buffalo in what presumably will be the battle for first place.

Last year Pitt lost 7-4 to Buffalo in an early season match up and then lost again 11-7 in CCLA conference tournament. Rumor has it this year’s tournament has done away with consolation games. And with the way the conference has been structured in to two divisions, I believe the winner of our division (Pitt or Buffalo) should go on to face Michigan in the tournament final. 

What a nice reward for a great season. But that tournament is in May, my birthday weekend to be exact. We still have a lot of work to do especially if we want to get into the national tournament picture.

Thanks to ASU’s misfortune a lot of teams are suddenly thinking Denver.

I’m off to Toronto tomorrow for the World Baseball Classic, a contradiction on multiple fronts, cold for spring break, baseball for a lacrosse player. Well baseball pays the bills at the Tumbas household so I have to support my faja and Team USA. Chances of me falling asleep in the stands remain high however.

As I walk the streets of Toronto over the next few days I hope to see kids playing wall ball or street hockey or both, something inspirational and athletic. 


That's just strange

That's just strange, but awesome


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