I’ve Never Told a Lie, and That Makes Me a Liar


Idaho lax. Who knew. Looks like a mean bunch of poles. Congratulations on going against the grain by choosing the very retro, very classic uniform. Those uniforms are sweet enough.

Pitt lacrosse is 9 hours away from Spring break which in our case means 10 days away from each other, on and potentially off the field after tonight’s practice ends.

We’re off to a 4-0 start for possibly the first time in school history. It feels wonderful seeing your team ranked 22nd by Laxpower’s computer rankings even if they don’t mean anything in terms of a tournament bid. However last year the team finished 53rd. 

We’ve obviously made some strides but have a long way to go. This program needs to be cranking it out by the end of this season to build momentum for the future. There’s no excuse for this team not to be a perennial top 15 team. There are plenty of models to follow around the league but it all comes down to the players’ desire to succeed. 



  • #2 Gettysburg vs #7 Stevenson/Villa Julie in Maryland. Huge game could potentially determine who has the right to challenge Salisbury in the south region. Stevenson’s offense was supposed to be potent, flammable, lethal this season especially with the addition of former Seagull Brett Yoder. So far they’ve only scored 16 goals in two games. They’ll need more than 8 goals to beat Gettysburg.
  • Wooster, my former squad, looks to move 2-0 today against Trine (IN). My concern for the Scots this year is the young defense. Allowing 6 goals to third year program Mount St. Joseph isn’t going to cut it. Hopefully a week of practice has helped iron out the kinks. Perhaps if this custom stick was still available the team would be in great shapeabbott
  • Being able to dominate/take over games or rather generally feel in control and confident on the field, furthers my theory that a post graduate year would have done wonders for my lacrosse and academic careers. But had I gone to prep school, I would have missed out on meeting so many lovely people freshman year at Wooster including a recruit who turned down Wooville for St. Mary’s
    Ryder Henry

    Ryder Henry

    Something to keep in mind when I have youngsters of my own I assume. 

  • Spring break is 36 hours away and I will need each second to work.

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