Keep Your Heart Three Stacks, Keep Your Heart

  • The NHL trade deadline is tomorrow at 3pm. I am freaking out man. You are freaking out, man. ESPN’s coverage of the NHL seems worse than their coverage of the MLL. Prediction: Staal is gone. 
  • These are disgusting. At least they beat Holy Cross today.  

    Send those back for some offense

    Send those back for some offense

  • Texas rocking Warrior uniforms and STX gloves, tsk tsk. I’m fine with playing in SMU’s football stadium thats for sure.3312603704_9734057029_b
  • Pitt spring break begins this Friday. The team is not taking a trip this year. Coach has promised one for next year. Possible locations are being considered now.
  • There were a few heckles from the Miami sideline this weekend in regards to the blog. But they only came once and it was after I scored a man up goal. Were they trick heckles? Doesn’t matter. The blog is spreading.
  • UMBC still has the worst uniforms in Division 1 lacrosse but I am cheering for a victory tonight over Hopkins even though I have Hopkins defense as my fantasy team defense. I was discussing fantasy lacrosse this weekend and one of my teammates was shocked that such an activity was possible. It never ceases to amaze me how much I’ve allowed lacrosse to infect my life and how little those that play actually know about the game.
  • Early dinner, gym, World War III (me versus three papers) until 2am
  • Song of the dusk/night Pittsburgh product Girl Talk hope you’ve had three 5 Hour Energy Shots before listening 

One response to “Keep Your Heart Three Stacks, Keep Your Heart

  1. The longhorn on the front of the UT jersey is retarded. It should say TEXAS and they should put the longhorn on the back where the intertwined UT letter are….cmon noah fink!

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