Eagles, Rams, and Back Up Fields

Almost the Holy War.

CSU notches its first win without Coach Naumberg on the sideline. They also sported their white uniforms which look considerably better than the green road uniforms. I hate that it says State. It should be Rams.


Lot of cold ankles in Fort Collins.

Boston College helmets are a mess. White helmet numbers and a white back panel? Uniforms are the Brine models if not authentic. White neck trim, white sleeve trim. For what? For what?


White gloves look a little awkward. Perhaps they’ll look better with the home kits.

Where is this game being held? I know its not at CSU looks like a fun little venue.

Despite not playing on campus, losing their head coach, and having ugly gloves Colorado State is in a nice position according to the poll below. As is 2-2 Boston College

Laxpower Computer Ratings Top 10

  1. Michigan
  2. Simon Fraser
  3. Chapman
  4. BYU
  5. Boston College
  6. Colorado State
  7. Colorado
  8. Florida State
  9. Minnesota Duluth
  10. Cal Poly

     22.  Pitt


If someone can tell me why youtube videos are the only videos that will embed properly in WordPress that would be great.


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