Bold Choices

Chapman breaks out the Nike Sublimated Six Nation jerseys for a battle against Michigan’s new adidas Kit.


Adidas gloves, adidas “lacrosse” cleats, riddel helmets are brutal.

I could use a smaller M. Otherwise I enjoy the new new adidas uniform model. Perhaps we’ll have those at Pitt next year.

Chapman just took it upon themselves to be the first to wear the soccer/rugby jersey on the field. I thought Georgetown would be wearing them first based on this picture from Elevation Lacrosse.


Gutsy call… Chapman saving them for Michigan and losing. Gutsy call…Georgetown losing to St. Johns straight up.

I feel like Chapman has a Nike connect of some kind because they had Nike reversibles seemingly before Hopkins did.


3 responses to “Bold Choices

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  2. Chapman’s jersies are hot. Michigan’s were decent. But that adidas equipment is garbage. As are their Riddells. I would much rather have Chapman’s set up…Cascade/Nike/STX

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