The Monday D Middie

Seventeen plus players, teams, thoughts on the weekend that was in lacrosse.

Michigan (1) beat Chapman (2) 13-10 this weekend. I confess myself surprised. Mike Clayton (3) was effectively eliminated from the game with zero points. Was he injured? Let me know. Michigan’s defense held Conor Martin (4)  in check with 2 goals and 1 assist. Marcus Wooden (5) did what he could for the Panthers with 4 goals and 1 assist.

David Reinhard (6) continued his dominance at the faceoff x winning 13 of 15 for Michigan. I thought that was going to be a weakness for the Wolverines this year. Guess not. Pittsburgh product Trevor Yealy (7) chipped in 5 goals picking up where he left off last year as Michigan’s top goal scorer. The former D1 hockey prospect might be the most lethal finisher in the league.

This game I would loved to have watched on ESPNu but of course my hotel in Indiana did not have such a channel. Does anyone know if it will be replayed?

Nothing wrong with playing in front of 2,700 fans.

I guess the only glaring weakness the Wolverines have this year is their Adidas contract. I expect them to be undefeated heading into their March 28th match up against BYU (8).

Huge shake ups this year as traditional powers are losing to hot young upstarts. Cal (9) beat Sonoma (10) by a score of 13-12 thanks to a 4-2 4th quarter. San Diego State (11) who I only knew about thanks to their awful uniforms, beat Arizona (12) 6-4 weathering a 4 goal 4th quarter by the Laxcats.

SMU (13) narrowly missed out on another signature win for the program losing to Lindenwood (14) in overtime. I’m very excited for what’s happening in Dallas, Texas right now. Pictures of their overtime win over Texas here

MCLA website (15) was down this weekend. Growing pains are fine since we still have (16) and (17) for scores.


No new gear other than gloves for Princeton (18) who beat Johns Hopkins (19) 14-8 this weekend at the Faceoff Classic. Here is where a score can be deceiving. 14-8 sounds like a close game, until you learn that Princeton got off to a 9-1 start. Long Ellis (20) for Princeton looks horrifying despite being garbed in orange. Great tilt, better eye black.


I love Max Seibald’s (21) game. If I played 1/4 as hard as he did I’d be a first team All American. Unfortunately the tramp stamp/insert here tattoo uniform design disease is traveling. Fortunately its confined to upstate New York. What were you thinking Cornell (22)?


6 responses to “The Monday D Middie

  1. I did have ESPNU this weekend, but didn’t see anything about the Michigan Game being on there. Damn. Not that it matters since everything on ESPNU seems to start 15-30 minutes late – really f*cks with my DVR – which means I always have to go online for the official score later anyway…
    Hopkins and Princeton made me want to use my TV as a practice goal. Freaking stupid Bluejays! Wish I would have watched Cornell/Army. But those tramp stamp logos make me sick!

  2. You thought faceoffs would be a weakness for Michigan? You’ve never seen them play. You are making shit up as you go. Why would anyone want your analysis?

    Editor: Thanks for reading big guy.

  3. They graduated the only MCLA player to get drafted in the MLL who was a face off guy. They kid they replaced him with was a sophomore. Heading into the season I believed they might be lacking at the X. Reinhard has certainly proven me wrong.

  4. Adam – You will learn to DVR the sportscenterU show between the games…you won’t miss a beat doing that. How about some love for Army’s sophomore goaltender Tom Palesky. 23 saves, 9 GA for the cornell game. Kid played huge!

  5. Clayton went down in the second quarter with an ankle injury. took a bit of the flow out of chapman’s o. Michigan was on O for 25 minutes in the second half running a nice stall. good game to watch. will be replayed on espnu i think the end of this month or sooner.

  6. Stall offense, thats like trapping in hockey. It should be outlawed. 2700 fans watching stalled offense, sorry California.

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