The Finest Pictures of Flow


90% of lax is the flow is the most influential facebook group ever created. The brain child of: 

The group started simply as a dedication to flow, essentially the idea that hair coming out of the back of your lacrosse helmet is not a gross, inbred mullet but a source of awesome lacrosse power. More than 9,000 lacrosse players and fans have joined the group which is on pace for 10,000 members by April. Due to over 1500 pictures, group members now critique much more than flow. Anything a player wears on the lacrosse field is up for dissection and this group is holding the scalpel. 

In honor of the group reaching 9000 members,  I have selected the 5 most awe inspiring pictures. These pictures represent lone reeds standing tall waving boldly in the sands of wannabe Flowville. Of the  1500 plus photos, these are Da Vinci status. 

The Top Five after the jump



“the Dementors are breeding flow”



vespa got impounded flow



 im wicked smart and play ivy flow 



took state to OT twice and then put it away flow



flow my goodness

(Comments taken directly from the group)


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