Sober Until St. Patrick’s (The GF is Furious)


stoic Canadian, hilarious Russian

stoic Canadian, hilarious Russian

John Buccigross article on Crosby Ovechkin and Malkin is amazing. I still have no idea how to “link” inside my blog so copy and paste it


where can I buy those warrior hockey pants

where can I buy those warrior hockey pants

Crosby is a baby and a robot but I’m glad he’s Pittsburgh’s baby robot.

I wish there were more blood fueds in the MCLA. Perhaps thats impossible considering the amount of games in a season. I’d love to see Elliot Grow get involved with a CSU middie. At least they have a chance of playing 3 times a season, (regular season, conference tournament, the big dance).

I think it would have to start at the end of this year, carry over through the summer and fall and be ready to go by next spring. And it would probably have to occur between players in the SLC/WCLL whatever or RMLC where the most knowledgeable fans are.

Chris Cooley (tight end for the Redskins with no playoff experience) recently voiced his opinions of the Crosby Ovechkin feud. Well actually, Cooley’s brother who acts as Cooley on Cooley’s blog voiced his opinions.

Wouldn’t it be hilarious/marvelous if the MCLA got so big that the USC quarterback was backing interjections regarding a war of words on and off the field between a USC attackman and a UCLA defender?

One can only dream.

  • If the MCLA was like college football and relied on the BCS to select who would play in the national championship, people in Simon Fraser land would be furious. formerly the keepers of the all important poll released their top 25 today. Top 25 you hear that guys over at the Lax Mag? Simon Fraser beat BYU in Provo by three and subsequently sit in the 3rd spot of the rankings.
  • Of course these rankings don’t  matter only the Lax Mag’s rankings matter now. But are they a preview of what’s to come? Pollsters voting on past glory? Last year was the most pathetic example of this voting strategy as we saw the Cougars ranked 4th in the country with a 5-3 record. The league lacks credibility when a team in the top 5 has 3 losses. 
  • Simon Fraser out scored BYU 9 to 5 in the second half. “It was very frustrating,” sophomore attacker Drew Shumway said. “We didn’t play to our ability.” Well maybe you guys still think you’re playing Air Force in a scrimmage. I told you guys to use it as a spring board for the season not to believe that every team you play was going to bow down before you. 
  • Is BYU still a final four team? Absolutely.
  • Is Simon Fraser a final four team? Best offense in the country. Absolutely.
  • Should Simon Fraser be upset they aren’t ranked higher than Michigan (2) and Chapman (1)? Yes.
  • But they will be by the end of the season.

Great moment in Montana this weekend


And a top reason why I’m glad lacrosse is still such a small sport.

Sidenote: if Oregon had gotten custom gloves without yellow in them, they’d have the kit of the year.



She’s no longer engaged to a loser from the 90210 tv show.

Ergo, vis a vis,concordantly! I’m conducting two a days for the next month to get ready physically, mentally, spiritually, and grammatically.

I hope she gets his name tattoo right lasered off.


Most important practice of 2009 is tonight. Final preparation before our road trip to O-H-I-O to play conference foes Miami and Ball State. These are must win games so we can get a high seed for the CCLA tournament. Video review tonight.

Song of the afternoon:

(I just figured out how to make my font bigger, that’s what she said, so bare with me)


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