The Monday D-Middie

In honor of Pat Forde’s Forde Yard Dash and the Facebook 25 things list, I present to you The Monday D-Middie, 17 to 40 names, games, teams and minutiae making news in college lacrosse.

CSU (1) lost to Cal Poly (2) by a score of 11-9. Head Coach Flip Naumburg (3), one of the league’s more famous characters, wrote in his online journal, “I am disappointed in how poorly I prepared us to play today. We had a team meeting after the game tonight, and many things were exposed and with hope we will go at things on Tuesday night with a new kind of resolve.” I’m suddenly very curious to see what happens against a very hungry Boston College team (4) on Sunday.


Coach Naumburg and Coach Smith (5)

Coach Naumburg and Coach Smith (5)

Something is definitely wrong in Fort Collins. Is it the players? Is it in fact Naumburg’s failure to prepare the team? The program hasn’t had a super star player since the won the title in 2006. Guys like Pete Jokisch (6) and Kellin Bershinsky (7) were the absolute best at their position. Where have the Ram stars gone, to the NCAA, to Boulder? But not all championship winning teams had the best players, that’s of course where great coaching steps in. Naumburg has been around the game for a long time and I highly doubt he’s pressed the panic button.

However, CSU losing in the second game of the season to Cal Poly regardless of whether or not they played a game the day before suggests the shine of the Rams is wearing off. 

Huge offensive performances this weekend all around the league. Ben Towner of Simon Fraser (8) was my player to watch this weekend and he did not disappoint dropping 6 goals and an assist against BYU (9). I’m glad I’m not a Cougar defender getting ready for practice today. 

Returning to California, Cal Poly’s Colin Mason (10) scored 4 goals and added assist contributing 45% of the Mustangs offensive output in their upset of Colorado State.

Chad Kinslow (11) for your Pitt Panthers  had 6 goals and 1 assist in the Backyard Brawl match up against West Virginia which proved to be a 21-4 blowout.

Now I have no problem saying they have the worst helmets in the MCLA, but apparently they have a quite the goaltender as well. Jason Jolly (12) of Texas A&M stood on his head for the Aggies stopping 30 Florida State (13) shots, recording a .811 save percentage, essentially making the 7-2 FSU win a bit deceiving. Not many goalies turn in a 30 save effort and only lose by 5. Well done Jason, now please petition for new helmets for next season.


Casey Mithun (14) of Minnesota Duluth had 1 goal and 5 assists against Wisconsin-Milwaukee before leaving with a concussion. Watch Mithun on their webcasts and you’ll be hard pressed to find a flaw in his game, easily a first team All American. Get well soon.


Congratulations to the Lone Star Conference (15) for having the most exciting conference this season. Coach Alex Poole (16) has Southern Methodist at the top of the mountain looking down and should be 7-1 or 8-0 headed into their game with A&M. With the downfall of Texas Tech (17) despite All American attackman Bryce Wolf (18), other teams like SMU and North Texas (19) have quietly emerged. While some teams around the country are just getting started, Texas teams are in full swing and producing entertaining results. 

Some teams in Texas might not have gotten off to a great start but it is a long season. And at least your warm ups don’t look like the vomit Stevenson University (20) is wearing.


Woodland camo, really?

Woodland camo, really?

Brian Phipps (21) goalie for the Maryland Terps might have the best dye job known to man. While the idea is not a break through, putting on a goalie stick might be the best idea because then people can actual enjoy the details of the flag.


crab cakes and football

crab cakes and football catches another cheater.


Mad Max Quinzani (23)

Mad Max Quinzani (22)

Until next Monday. Later this week, personal stick review, road trip preparation and more.


2 responses to “The Monday D-Middie

  1. What’s up with those camo uniforms? Pretty gross looking if you ask me. The rest of the update was great though, I really like the Forde format. Now you have to do a Bill Simmons style live blog talking about all your friends that nobody knows, while throwing in Boogie Nights references.

    I’m from, the largest college sports site on the net. I think your writing would do well with us, as we have free blogs with built-in audiences. We also have many lacrosse fans on site, and we’re working to get more (we’ll have a booth at the Big City Classic-

    Further, we have internships available for sports writers (I see you’re a creative writing major, so I figured I’d throw it out there- the internships can be credit-based or not).

    Take a look around the site and let me know if you’d be interested at I hope to hear from you soon!

  2. i think the camo is dirty. maybe its a maryland thing but everyone i know from home (baltimore lacrosse players) think theyre money. maybe its just us. like your blog its enjoyable i dont know anything about the mcla (i used to play d1 now im just an ncll laxer). keep it up

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