No Juicy

That looks horrific, that’s no lie.


Judging from the angst on their faces, the Burberry Spring 2009 models agree


Lil Cease gives his thoughts on the proper way to make a protein shake. Apparently, he used to be friends with Biggie now he just likes working out and releasing mediocre tracks once in a while.

Supplements are certainly a grey matter when it comes to the MCLA. How many kids on your team take protein or creatine? How many show up to practice on minimal sleep, chug a 5 hour energy shot and get on with it?

How many kids in the MCLA take steroids?

What’s more important growing the league or the health of the players?

Because I promise you, it will be a long way from now before the MCLA puts into place an organized system for drug testing, because it costs money and that money is being spent elsewhere.

Why wouldn’t MCLA players take something? They aren’t going to get caught. Steroids have been proven to be so effective against paid athletes imagine an MCLA attackman juiced up and being covered by a long stick that was more concerned with were the team party was that night. Imagine an MCLA middie juiced up and shooting on a goalie who never lifted in his entire life, very plausible because goalies are crazy.

Are there any records that would be tainted? Does someone in MCLA headquarters even have an extra medium sized database of stats? Probably not.

Just because America’s past time would not be destroyed, just because its a club league, just because we pay to play and deserve every advantage we can get our hands on does not mean we should be using PEDs.

There are enough meatheads in the league. Keep the juice out of lacrosse. That’s for rock head baseball players, dumb enough to stand outside wearing pants in the summer  heat doing absolutely nothing for four hours.


Now hiring, someone to take my place at practice since its already 21 degrees (feels like 8) and we don’t start for a few hours.

You don’t know anyone named Johnny Hopkins. 

How in the wide world of sports did Hopkins move up in the rankings after “demolishing” Siena 11-3? 

I feel bad for Chris Boland’s flow because Princeton is going to run wild all over Petro’s squad of has been offensive talent.


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