Gameday Pitt vs West Virginia






We, I, know nothing about WVU. Opinions from last year’s game have ranged from, “they’re not very good,” to “it will be a fun game.” 

My fellow NCAC transfer, Max Quinlin (Shadyside Academy/Denison University) claims he executed a hidden ball trick to perfection. “I started celebrating and eventually the refs blew a whistle to say it was a goal.”

Deception city.

The refs at the Western Michigan game were a little care free when it came to throwing their weighted yellow flags. I’d be interested to see what happens today. Certainly taking some form of OTC painkiller prior to the game.

The camera will be making an appearance at the game as promised. I’m interested to see how giddy my teammates are in front of the camera. Who will  be camera shy and who will be charismatic? 

Score Prediction:

Pitt 12 WVU 8

Gameday Song

No one knows what it means, but its provocative. Gets the people going.

Gameday Mascot

Last game I went with Don Draper of Mad Men. Great decision on my part, and it stops right there and continues on here


Detective McNutty

Detective McNutty

While he has proven to be a canny and tenacious detective, he is disliked by several of his superiors because of his disdain for authority and tendency to circumvent the chain of command to set up investigations. When off the job, he has frequent problems involving alimony,alcoholismchild support, relationships, and money. McNulty nevertheless manages to play the role as one of the more competent officers in several of the largest drug-related arrests that take place within Baltimore.

Probably went to Calvert Hall.





One response to “Gameday Pitt vs West Virginia

  1. Casey Mithun very seriously injured during Saturday night’s game, neck/head injury, taken out on a cart.

    Keep your fingers crossed.

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