Want to Play Some Twos?

Two Posts in one day? You bet your pocket pounder, we’re doing two posts!

Currently its 21 degrees feels like 5 thanks to the wind chill,which is hardly chill, its mostly schwill.

Penguins play at 7 against Montreal. We need a win more than the Republican party.

Practice is at 7:30 outdoors. Christ

These are electric


J in my P

J in my P

What once was


Killed in Action

Killed in Action

Now is


gut wrenching

gut wrenching

I think I’ve had 7 slices of Big Red in my entire life

Notice the shooting string necklace and the Ike Taylor celebration

Monday’s practice was cancelled due to weather and I desire to watch the Pitt UCONN game. I went to a concert instead and watch the Pitt game on my blue berry. It was really great when there was a moment of silence from the band and I decided to celebrate Levance Fields raining threes.


Top 3 Most Overrated Players

1. Kyle Harrison (in college and the MLL)

2. Johnny Christmas (in college and the MLL)

3. Mike Powell (in the MLL, could thing Ryan Boyle is being sent to Boston to save that attack group)

Kessnich is the worst ever

I want to be more famous the internet

Practice video later


2 responses to “Want to Play Some Twos?

  1. Whoa, saying Harrison is overrated is straight up blasphemy! He has done more to promote the sport than any other MLL player. Of course his fat check from STX & Nike probably help him a lot…
    Wait a sec, Johnny Christmas too? Are you just saying that b/c they’re black?
    Mikey Powell is the whinest bitch in Major League Lacrosse hands down. A Major League Douchebag for sure.
    By the way, I was being sarcastic about the Harrison & Christmas only being overrated b/c they’re black. I definitely was DEAD SERIOUS about Mikey being an overrated bunghole…

  2. Adam,
    By even asking if they are overrated because they are black makes you the one that is guilty of what you are implying.

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