The Best Valentine’s Day Ever

Dashboard Confessional is Valentine’s Day. Always have been. Always will. Whether you are newly single, single for a while, happy with a significant other, pissed at your sig other, or still upset with your ex even though you decided to break up, there is a Dashboard song for you. 

Today, Chris Carrabba took it upon himself to remind any doubters that Dashboard Confessional is in fact Valentine’s Day. BOOM!

Dashboard released their new single today entitled “Even Now” and made it available for a free download today only from their Myspace page. I’ll give you a moment to soak that in. It’s a lot to digest. 

After what happened this week, my heart hurts in a good way now that I can enjoy Dashboard’s hopeful return to acoustic rather than electric. 

Up until a few hours ago I hated the white trend in lacrosse. White gloves, helmets, for no reason other than to be white. Having said that, it’s better than the silver Brine and Warrior was putting on all their stock stuff a couple years back.

Now these two teams have done White absolutely Right. 


1 and 5, or 3 more assists than I had during the season opener

1 and 5, or 3 more assists than I had during the season opener

UMD, my favorite club team not named P I T T

UMD, my favorite club team not named P I T T

Bake it

Congratulations on the Mercy gig, Claire

UPMC Mercy offers a broad range of services, providing compassionate care in the Catholic tradition.

Big surprise

Bigger surprise Robert Morris over Penn State in double overtime. Big win for RMU. Terrible loss for PSU. I think its time Glenn Thiel stepped aside at Penn State. He’s done nothing there but crank out mediocrity, but no one expected them to lose to a team they beat 18-2 the year before. I feel sick for Drew Adams who deserves much better than a season opening loss to a team in its fifth season of existence.

Getting a lot of questions about how I string my sticks (that’s what Michael said) we’ll do that video this week promise


4 responses to “The Best Valentine’s Day Ever

  1. Peter, you should be one of the first to know that we lost to Texas A&M tonight in a storm-delayed game 15-10. We held them to just 1 goal for the entire 2nd and 3rd quarters. We just need to stop spotting teams 6 goals in the first quarter and we’ll start winning again. Baylor tomorrow @ 1pm.

  2. Duluth?! No!!

    If you play them, I bet you’d change your mind.

    Here’s how it works there: you go there to play lax, school is entirely secondary. You then graduate, only to spend your time drinking, and coaching youth lacrosse b/c you have no other options. Once spring rolls around, you attend the sideline at every UMD game, with roster and air horn in hand, heckling opponents and their families with foul language, all while making yourself, your alma mater, and the MCLA look as bush-league as possible.

    Yes, their uni’s look cool; I sincerely hope you’ll reconsider cheering for them as a team.

  3. Envy is ignorance. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

  4. As an English major I am astounded at the retort. One has to marvel at the progress Graff and the Bulldogs have made in Minnesota

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