Theory of Celebrations

EVERYBODY dreams of scoring the big goal. I can honestly say I’ve spent more time contemplating my celebrations than I have  on the wall. And, I love wall ball.

Heading into overtime, I had two celebrations in mind. One was a fist pump inspired by the best scene from Blue Streak 0:30-0:39

The other celebration was inspired by perhaps the most handsome soccer player in the world today 0:17-0:26

Unfortunately a Western Michigan defender cleaned my grandfather clock after the shot found the back of the old onion bag so I had to pick up my body, push him aside and then I took off running dodging and weaving my teammates like some other famous Pittsburgh athlete

My finger was up in the air pointing to who I thought were the Western Michigan fans for about 10 yards and then everything went black.


Who is the bigger winner tonight? Mikey's the big winner

Who is the big winner tonight? Mikey's the big winner

Apparently, a loving teammate clothes lined me and then I was under the pile. Teammates later said it looked hilarious seeing my feet sticking out. 

A brief description of my thoughts while under the pile:

“This is really great. I scored the winning goal in overtime. I just made at least 5 new friends. Uh oh, I’m still covered in teammates. It’s really dark. This hurts.” (followed by screams of agony)

Last spring I was coaching high school lacrosse, a 145 pound sophomore attackman scored a winning goal and was subsequently destroyed in the pile. Teammates said they could hear him yelling, “I can’t breath! I can’t breath!”

After I emerged from the massacre, my leg that had cramped up briefly ten seconds prior to the game winner was in full rage. I almost asked to be carried back to the sideline. My head was woozy as woozy can get. But of course the pure jubilation of ripping a corner in overtime allowed me to brovercome all odds. Pitt 9 Western Michigan 8

We won and then I:


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