Theory of Defense

As an offensive player I’ve often thought about who I’d prefer to cover me. The answer has become quite clear as I’ve realized who I am as a player. I’m certainly not the biggest or strongest player on the field but I do consider myself crafty and quick. I used to be one of the fastest kids on the field… in 4th grade (Lebo Cup Soccer Tournament Champs, I thank you) before everyone started lifting. 

Anyway the ideal defender for me to dodge against is a big stout meat head probably a high school linebacker who goes to throw a homerun check with no purpose other than to graze my neck, wrist, or chest so I don’t dodge against him again. I was lucky enough to experience several of those defensemen Saturday night against Western Michigan. After getting murked in the shin for no reason, confident dodging was the name of the game, like a goalie who needs to get hit by the first shot to be in good form for the remainder of the game.

Now the opposite of a goon defender is someone who is perhaps lighter on their feet and more importantly can run with you. There’s nothing worse as an attackman than feeling a long stick pepper your hands all day.

Here’s the problem. In this day and age, some humans have figured out how to be both fast, big, mean spirited, and throw violent checks.

This video features Drew Wardlow, a high school teammate of mine and one of the bigger lacrosse influences on my life, dodging against Brodie Merril. Drew’s a better man than I am for it.

The new Pitt website is up and running. One of the joys of being a webmaster is that I can put my name on the homepage as many times as I see fit.

It’s a weird link but there you go.

The camera is in my possession and we got some great “day in the life” of an MCLA  lax bro last night. Unfortunately tech difs have reared an ugly head so  said videos are pending.

Song of the DAY:

I confess if G. Paltrow asked me to name our child after a fruit I would agree.


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