1 2 3 4 OT F
3 2 3 0 0 8
2 3 1 2 1 9

Broncos fall to Pitt in OT 9-8

Good tough game for the Broncos to open their season up with. WMU came out to a quick 3-0 lead early in the first, but let up to let Pitt back in the game. Western had the lead for the entirety of the game until Pitt took the game in overtime.
Confession: Prior to last night I remember the two times in my career when someone hit me to the ground. Senior year of high school fall. I remember catching a pass on the crease, I remember the goalie stuffing me, then it went black, I heard
the obligatory “oooooooh” from the crowd, then I remember running off to the sideline to clear cobwebs.
A year later Wooster at Elizabethtown Chocolate Factory College I was lined up for a faceoff. I went streaking for a ground ball, head down, scooped up the precious pearl, only to be introduced the turf shortly thereafter.
Last night was perhaps the roughest game I’ve been apart of. It seemed like every other possession I was picking up my limp body from the ground. I was like Dewayne Wade except I was wearing Under Armour turf shoes, not Converse.
Certainly well worth the physical beating I took since we won the game in overtime. Everyone dreams of scoring the winner in overtime. I thought of several celebrations as we headed back onto the field for the start of the extra frame. Unfortunately for me it seemed like I wouldn’t even get the chance to celebrate as the first pass I through to the middie coming out of the box was in an between hop and bounced out of bounds. A lonely feeling to be sure as I watched a Western middie pick up the ball after the whistle and head into our defensive zone. I expected Western to call a time  out extending my agony but they played out and just as soon as I had turned the ball over, our senior captain Bill Egan stripped his attackman and was headed up field.
He lost the ball out of bounds as whistles sounded and again I felt like my turnover prior was going to ruin the teams chance’s for victory. As I thought again about the bad pass I realized that Bill hadn’t turned the ball over by mistake but was fouled. We were man up in over time.
Video reactions as to what happened next arrive tomorrow.

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