Gameday Western Michigan @ Pitt


Perhaps my favorite blog EVER, the one that has done the most to shape my opinions on what I consider a great blog, website to be is obviously they cover the Pittsburgh Penguins now one of my favorite things that they do is to post a “gameday” picture of some sort of pop culture icon to give the team good luck, sometimes its Phil Collins sometimes its Val Kilmer as Doc Holliday

I will be continuing the tradition on game days here on 412lax and for me there’s only one person that can help us get off to a good start

Ruthless. Mysterious. Lothario

Ruthless. Mysterious. Lothario


Offense flows through the attack, top 3 scorers at attack

#34 185 pounds 24 g, 7 a (victim of the sleeve monster)

#8 165 pounds 15 g, 9 a

#7 175 pounds 7 g, 13 a

Their goalie transferred from Robert Morris so offensive guys don’t be frustrated early if he decides to put on his for city, whatever city in western Michigan he’s from

Love Hate Relationship with New England continues

The NCAA awarded the Final Four sites for the 2010-2012 seasons. 2010 and 2011 will be back where it belongs in Baltimore and for some god awful reason Boston, I mean, Foxboro gets the 2012 Final Four. Consider one fan’s reaction to last year’s Final Four which again was in Foxboro, not Boston:

 I’ve been to every final four in the past ten years and I’m not going back to Boston this year given the awful experience last year. It is ashame that the NCAA is awarding a bid to what was such a bad experience for so many.

Lacrosse fans are generally a wealthy bunch. Traveling really hasn’t been an issue because the Final Four has either been in New Jersey or Philly or Baltimore. Having said that I know a lot of young people that skipped out on the Final Four last season because it was in Foxboro and because there’s nothing to do in Foxboro because Foxboro isn’t in Boston it’s in Foxboro. I wish Robert Craft didn’t like lacrosse.

Video Coverage from the game coming later, in the mean time

Steroids in the MCLA? Hey if A-Rod can do it


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  1. you look like david wright

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