A History of Numbers Worn

#3 high school

#22 high school

#32 freshman year college


Innocence of Youth

Innocence of Youth


















#22 Sophomore Year of College

Blank, the men’s beer league years


Goalie is from New York, proud of myself

Goalie is from New York, proud of myself

Junior Eligibility, the honor goes to


Home Whites

Home Whites





Road Blues

Road Blues


Why 17? I needed a change from my traditional 22 or 32. To clarify, 22 was an old travel soccer number and had nothing to do with paying homage to any Powell brother, all of whom I despise. 32 was a fun number but I’m not Franco Harris nor Chris Boland his senior year at BL.

I do like Evgeni Malkin… a lot. I worked up the nerve to ask for 71 but the uniforms had already been ordered so I had to settle for Malkin’s alternate Russia number of 17. 


Great teammate

Great teammate

Funny rumor about Malkin wearing 71, supposedly #11 was his preferred choice  but at some point in his life he was unable to wear 11 so he choose 71 because he thought it looked similar. Then of course he was unable to wear 71 so he choose 17. 

Bottom line, I regret quitting hockey in 3rd grade.

Early morning skates on Saturday were not as cool as sleeping and cartoons but alas we all make mistakes or some cases we just date them. I however just quit hockey too early.

Huge next few days as we close in with our season opener Saturday night against Western Michigan. 

Friday and every Friday from now on, I’ll do a video detailing the week that was in and/or will be in the MCLA. Very Best/Worst week ever


2 responses to “A History of Numbers Worn

  1. I know what you mean about hating the Powell brothers. Escpecially Mikey; I will never wear 22 or 0 if I can help it!
    I used to always fight for 69 (obvious) or 91 b/c I’m a wee bit older than you so Fedorov is my Malkin. I always tried to get 8 for baseball (Ripken – and my team was the Orioles). Since 91 is a very popular hockey number and 8 is popular everywhere else, I had to find a new number.
    Taking inspiration from Kevin Smith, I now try for 37…

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