Scrimmage: Day Before


Say what you mean to say

Say what you mean to say

Brutal coming of age tale thanks to Facebook research. Essentially caught with my hand in the cookie jar. Confirmed what I already feared. Doesn’t feel good at all.

Tomorrow we scrimmage Seton Hill in this order.

1) Rides and clears to 6 v 6

2) Man Up Man Down 10-15 plays

3) Two twenty minute running quarters

A rushed comparison: I was in the stands watching in 2007 when my former school beat the living daylights out of Seton Hill. That was quite some time ago, I feel as if Seton Hill has developed as program. Considering I know we haven’t practiced as much as they have it will be an interesting challenge for us. My hope is that we compete between the lines and end the scrimmage tired with nothing left in the tank. This scrimmage is more about us preparing for our season opener next Saturday than caring about beating a D2 team that went 9-7 last season. 

Personally, I need to limit turnovers which plagued me the last practice. My foot and knee need to be a non issue. I’m hoping for 8 points total for the day.

It feels strange to go to bed on a Friday sober. It’s only making me more distraught over what I did to myself earlier tonight. When in doubt:


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