You Can’t Make This Stuff Up

Pittsburgh lacrosse is still very much in its infancy. There are only thirty varsity programs. Maybe four of those programs have knowledgeable head coaches, maybe two have entire staffs that know the game. We send about twenty five kids to play at the NCAA level every spring one or two actually go on to be impact players. Congratulations to Peet Poillon (Seneca Valley/Howard CC/Ohio State/UMBC) who was recently named a preseason All American by Inside Lacrosse, a first for Pittsburgh. Many believe he’s the best Pittsburgh lacrosse player ever. I would say thats false. The honor goes to Cory O’Neil (Franklin Regional/Salisbury).

Weird lacrosse moments tend to happen in areas where the game is young. Whether its a bench clearing brawl in Florida, an obvious hidden ball trick in the Colorado state play offs, or this defensive gem at the 1:04 mark

Tough way to lose a game. The head coach and tackler were both suspended for one game.

Pitt Lacrosse actually has a player involved in this game on our roster (FYI he’s not the tackler or the tacklee). This video made e-lacrosse not a good showing for Pittsburgh at all.

But like I said, weird/illegal/win at all cost type plays tend to happen in the growing areas of lacrosse. So when something like this happens in a more established neck of the woods like Boston featuring a school I have a personal connection to, I just lose my mind.

I want to know who’s mother was more ashamed. And, why doesn’t the ref do anything to break up the donny brook besides a condescending calm down hand gesture? Looks as bad as Mark Whalberg’s language in The Departed sounds.

Thanks to my friends at for posting this video.

Monday practice review video. Indoors or outdoors. Indoors or outdoors. I am a tornado of anger swirling about.

I apologize for the bass, but there’s really no other way to listen to Avril Lavigne “Hot”


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