Outdoor Practice in the Coldest Winter


He’s literally gone crazy. I understand he lost his mother and his fiance left him in the same year. I can relate my mother is still alive and I broke up with my last girlfriend.

But what on earth is he thinking? First, he starts wearing leather gloves daily, indoors or outdoors. Then, an afro mullet which many people in the lacrosse community might confuse as “flow”. Then , he makes everyone get dressed up and bring their luggage. Can you imagine being the guy in his crew that had last pick of the briefcases? The look on his face says it all. Just an FYI, just because its expensive doesn’t mean it looks good, case in point any Warrior glove every made that didn’t have the Princeton Tigers logo on it.


Kanye is Freaking Right Out

Kanye is Freaking Right Out






















We can use that as a nice transition to acceptable lacrosse fashion later in the week.

Anyway while I clean up the vomit in my lap enjoy Monday’s video blog.


One response to “Outdoor Practice in the Coldest Winter

  1. sack up and grow a pair, its not even cold in pennsylvania, as of right now your kids wont get in to Shattuck since, you wont be able to groom them on the pond in the harsh minnesota winters

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