Malkin Equals Rabil

As you can clearly see from the following videos, Paul Rabil and Evgeni Malkin are strangely similar. Both are gigantic, talented athletes with deep voices.

Exhibit A: Malkin at last night’s All Star Game Skills Competition. I’m not sure which he dominated more the accuracy contest or the interview.

Exhibit B: Rabil talking at great length about stringing sticks

Exhibit C: The famed Rabil highlight tape

(Imagine the highlights if Hopkins played a fun and gun offense, it kills me.)

Which begs the question? Do all talented athletes have deep voices? With the exception of female athletes, I can’t think of a truly elite competitor with a borderline effeminate accent. 

Being able to string a lacrosse stick generally takes the fingers of a salty dog fisherman and the patience of Tibetan monk. It seems there are always one or two kids on a team that can string a stick and everyone else latches on to them for moral support. What most of us don’t realize is how important it is to understand how your pocket works as it effects everything we do on the field. 

Personally I barely understand how string sticks. Once my stick is strung, I can go so far as moving shooting strings around or loosening the bottom string if I can pry open the knots. That process alone is a double edged sword for me. I either achieve a brief period of nirvana or I’m ready to pull my hair out. I fixed the shooting strings on my Proton Power during last week’s Steelers playoff game. I hoped it would calm me during the game and it did to point until I noticed that 1 out of 5 throws was hitting the plastic which I believe is the most JV inexperienced thing a stick can accomplish.

This season I want to be able to do a better job understanding the sweet science of stringing and by the end of the summer I hope to be pretty efficient if not advanced at least being able to string a pocket the exact way I want to. Even though right now I can barely articulate what kind of pocket I do in fact like. In my opinion, a person who knows how to string their own stick really cares a lot about the game and has a very high lacrosse IQ.  I find it silly that as much as I love the game I can’t string my own stick. 

Song for Sunday morning, really no other options

Right now its 15 degrees out. We have an outdoor practice scheduled for 2pm. God help us. Until then I’ll be watching a documentary about gang wars in New Orleans and completing various domestic tasks around the house.


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