Friday and Apparently The Bruises From My Slash Wounds are Gone

It’s the weekend and we are scheduled for practice either tomorrow or Sunday. Possibly both who knows. Essentially we are “on call” for the next 48 hours. Such is the life of a club lacrosse player at a city school with limited green space. Apparently, next week or the following week we begin practicing outside because the intramural season starts meaning the lacrosse warzone will transform into a happy place filled with frisbee and indoor soccer shoes. 

Several thoughts. I hate Hopkins lacrosse more than anything. If you combined all the hate of the entire world that people have for the Dallas Cowboys, Notre Dame football, Duke basketball, and Sidney Crosby, it wouldn’t measure up to the utter disdain I have for them. I hate them for not playing up tempo offense. I hate them for ruining Duke’s season in 2006. I hate them for ruining Duke’s season in 2008 and promptly getting destroyed in the championship. I hate them because I knew they were going to beat Duke in last year’s semi final and I still allowed myself a glimmer of hope. I hate them because the last time I was with my ex girlfriend I was watching them beat Duke. Therefore Hopkins reminds me of her. Lot of emotion. It’s very scientific I don’t want to get into it right now.

Regardless of the animosity I have for the Jays, these two attackman are phenomenal shooters and something to aspire to. In a video almost three minutes long, I’d make the bold claim that not one shot is taken the same way, different release point, different finishing locations. Catch and shoot snipers like Barry Pepper’s character from Saving Private Ryan. I actually met Jake Byrne this summer and I’ve never seen someone who is maybe 5’10 with such a barrel chest. A testament to a D1 lifting program. The way his pocket is strung is something for to behold. An automatic chirp wand if there ever was one. Byrne and Huntley could probably score 200 goals per season in the MCLA. 

Oh my god, I can’t wait until the next coach gets fired.

He also has videos about the Snuggie and Bill Mays’ Mighty Putty. When I think about how unstoppable this young man is, I can hardly breathe. 

Song for the weekend a bit of an older song now gaining speed. Keri Hilson has the strangest haircut in the history of hair or cutting. It’s like a diagonal front mullet but cropped, clearly words can’t describe. Theme of the video, her face at the 0:40 mark makes me want to be a better man

My camera arrives this weekend so we’ll be going mobile, tour of the house including the recently added furniture to the game room, tour of campus, lacrosse practice and game coverage, stick/pocket reviews, liberal agitators, don’t watch TV except for Fox, and hopefully the Steelers riot coming up Feb 1.


2 responses to “Friday and Apparently The Bruises From My Slash Wounds are Gone

  1. Your blog is great! Funny stuff. I’ll even put up with you dogging on my Jays. It is great to get the inside look at MCLA lax since we never do. Keep up the good work!
    By the way, the Iowa-born-&-raised Warner will lead the Cards to their first Super Bowl Victory ever this year. Steelers lose by 10.

  2. Thanks for the comments Adam, stay close to the blog there will be a lot more gameday video as our season gets under way

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