Welcome to the Show

Welcome welcome welcome to the three ring circus of your basic MCLA lacrosse player. I’m your ringmaster Peter F. Tumbas attackman for the University of Pittsburgh. I love lacrosse with my whole heart (just ask my ex girlfriend how much I care about lacrosse). This blog is designed to keep you informed and entertained about my season playing for the Pittsburgh Panthers as we try to reach the MCLA National Tournament. There will be daily updates. Check out the author/athlete section for my welcome video. It’s going to be a fascinating season. I’m completely amped. Texas Tech and Oklahoma State already began the season today! I’m pretty sure All American attackman Bryce Wolf dropped at least 12 assists.

For inspiration I give you the following

If BYU’s announcers can be shocked they are losing to a team from the UMLL, then anything can happen in 2009

Stay tuned its going to be wild


One response to “Welcome to the Show

  1. Yep, we won 12-1. That’s all we could do with them demanding to go 15 minute running quarters. They came in with 11 players.

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